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Setti Fireworks: the Spectacle of the Fireworks Goes on Stage!

“fire is the soul of all light and all fire clothes itself in light...” (György Lukács)
Setti Fireworks si occupa dell'arte millenaria dei fuochi d'artificio, dipingendo il cielo con la luce dei fuochi artificiali.

Fireworks Displays - Fireworks add value and charm to your event.
We organise safe pyrotechnic displays, whose success and visibility are guaranteed, and we create real choreographies with fireworks. Our experience allows us to organise fireworks in the most different locations: on the sea, in villas and facilities for private events, on yachts or on cranes and hanging platforms.
On request, we can also realise silent pyrotechnic displays.
We design our fireworks displays according to your location and event specifications, creating majestic paintings in which lights, colours and sounds evoke pure emotion.
Pyromusical shows - Pyromusical shows combine fire, music, lights and projections. We were among the first to organise this kind of displays; together we can choose the music and the background rhythm in order to create unique and awe-inspiring atmospheres.

Safety - The core of our philosophy rests on safety and reliability.
Continued investments in new pyrotechnic technologies allow us to reach high-quality safety standards while increasing the magnificence of our shows. Our displays are covered by insurance guarantees higher than pyrotechnics national standards: it is our "turnkey" service.
Learn more about the "Let off in Safety" initiative

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