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Expert Advice

Fireworks painting the sky in pyrotechnic displays are the result of a careful work beginning long before the celebration day.
This work does not involve only the manufacturing of fireworks, the design of the pyrotechnic display and its implementation: fireworks as well as most of their component materials are indeed subject to strict regulation, which is to be known and applied, also with the assistance of qualified experts.

For manufacturing, storing and transporting fireworks common sense and technical skills are necessary but not sufficient. Many regulatory requirements have to be fulfilled:

A firework display is therefore organised working with highly qualified professionals and technicians, according to specific legislation.

Setti Fireworks organises pyrotechnic and pyromusical displays, and offers expert advice to fireworks businesses (factories, warehouses and importers) and to law offices.

Expert advice is provided by Fabio Palazzi, Founding Member, chemical engineer and advisor for the transport of dangerous goods by road (D.L.vo 04/02/2000 n 40).

Here follow some examples of expert advice furnished by Setti Fireworks:

  1. An Italian factory wants to produce a new firework. Before manufacturing it, the producer has to describe the firework thoroughly, including the construction and chemical composition details. All design documentation has to be submitted to the Interior Ministry for approval (identification and classification of fireworks and explosive products for pyrotechnic use pursuant to and in accordance with the Consolidated act of public safety laws - TULPS - and related Implementing Regulations). Setti Fireworks takes care of this kind of procedures for several Italian producers.
  2. A transport entrepreneur wants to offer explosives delivery services from storage facilities to sites of use (mines and construction sites, fireworks displays sites, etc); to enter this new business area his company has to be equipped with trucks and vans, approved by specific testing centres of the Office of Motor Vehicles. Setti Fireworks provides to businesses dangerous goods safety advisor services, mandatory in the cases referred to in D.L.vo 04/02/2000 n 40.
    Moreover, Setti Fireworks experience is at our Customers' disposal for support in the construction of means of transport, according to current regulations governing the transport of explosives. We will help you from the retrofitting of your pre-existing ordinary vehicles (installation of fire fighting and general safety equipment) to the transfer of the vehicles to the Office of Motor Vehicles for the inspection required for obtaining the specific certification (EX/II and ADR EX/III vehicles).

Furthermore, Setti Fireworks provides expert advice on fire prevention (procedures organised in cooperation with fire fighters, for businesses and facilities such as warehouses, factories and explosives shops) and performs expert technical evaluations on behalf of law offices.

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