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Fireworks are meant to bring joy: safety is therefore essential, both for professionals who set up a huge pyrotechnic display, and for families wanting to respectfully and responsibly celebrate New Year's Eve with fireworks.
Here are some hints about what can be done and what must not be done with fireworks, following the questions often raised by our Customers.

Can you organise a safe show in the middle of the sea?

Surely you can, and almost everywhere: we organise pyrotechnic displays on yachts and other crafts in accordance with current regulations. We place the fireworks on a suitable floating pontoon, which will be moored at a safe distance when fireworks are let off. The launching point and the fireworks schedule have to be approved by the Port Captain's Office and others Entities involved.

Is it dangerous or impossible to let off fireworks if it is raining?

Rain does not pose a problem: while reserving the right, in order to ensure safety and reliability, to assess the weather situation on a case-by-case basis, we are generally able to efficiently waterproof our fireworks so that the display can take place even in the rain..

Can you let off fireworks if it is windy?

Wind can contribute to make a display safer, so long as it is blowing in the opposite direction to the Audience (e.g. wind blowing towards the open sea); in this case, unless otherwise established by the Authorities, the display can generally take place. If the wind is blowing towards the Audience, or towards elements which may catch fire (e.g. a wood during dry seasons), the display will have to be called off for reasons of public safety.

Fireworks and Historical Buildings

We are often asked whether it is possible to organise a fireworks display above historical buildings, which might be subject to artistic constraints (Monuments and Fine Arts Office).
The answer is yes: we have organised many fireworks displays above castles, ancient buildings, church roofs, or even in villas and historical houses, after obtaining the required permissions from the owners and the Authorities. Of course in these cases we use special fireworks, specifically designed and carefully selected in order to ensure safety to people and the protection of the architectural and cultural assets (e.g. fireproof covering for sculptures and floorings to avoid stains, choice of effects without the typical "blow", etc).

How many clear metres do you need to organise a fireworks display?

Here's another question we are often asked. The answer: Safety distances depend on the kind of fireworks used in the display, as it is provided for in the current Italian regulations on this matter (Circ. 559 11.01.2001).
Two extreme examples: for the waterfalls of fire and other light and colour effects in the absence of air openings, 30 metres are enough; for powerful fireworks, 200 metres are necessary; between 30 and 200 metres various intermediate cases.
Moreover, coming soon: pyrotechnic articles for theatre expressly designed and approved for a safe close-up view.

Can you let off fireworks close to wooden elements, such as boats, changing rooms in beach resorts, etc?

The answer is yes in this case too. The Authorities generally give permission for the display to take place but require preventive measures (e.g. wetting the wood before the display and presence of a fire brigade on site). Setti Fireworks provides Customers with a "turnkey" service, including all safety requirements, among which the call to the fire brigade.

One last hint: is it safe to let off fireworks in an urban square?

Yes it is, provided that the square is big enough and that the display is organised by professionals. Setti Fireworks has a great experience in the organisation of pyrotechnic displays in squares, also to the rhythm of music.

Some Customers have asked us if it is safe to let off fireworks in avalanche-prone areas. The answer is yes, provided that you set up a firework display based on effects such as fountains of fire, sparkling waterfalls of fire and other effects without the blow.

On New Year's Eve let off in safety

In Italy, it is custom to buy and let off fireworks to celebrate New Year's Eve, not only among professionals, but also among people who do not work in pyrotechnics.
Our experience tells us that this passion does not vanish every December 31 at midnight - it is often fired up again on such occasions as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries...
The Legislator, knowing this reality, created a special category of fireworks known as "consumer", conceived for non-professional customers.

On New Year's Eve two things contribute to cheerfulness: fireworks and champagne...on the condition that you drink champagne only after you have let off the last banger!
And talking of bangers, remember that today very colourful effects are available, more choreographic and less noisy than firecrackers: we recommend to choose this kind of bangers, especially if children and pets are involved in the celebration..

About children...we may be saying the obvious, but please bear in mind that fireworks - even the most harmless ones such as pyrotechnic candles for birthday cakes - are not toys for children: while using pyrotechnic articles adults must always be present and alert, in order to avoid children from touching them..

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