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Pyrotechnic and Pyromusical Displays

What do you see when you watch a fireworks display?
This question opens our corporate video and summarises all we can say about pyrotechnic and pyromusical displays. Everyone has his own personal idea of what a fireworks display should be like, depending on his aims, needs and emotions.

Each fireworks display is unique: small pieces of art we create working with our Customers, like clothes made to measure.
Each display is customer- and location-oriented. It is therefore impossible to give you a complete picture of our offer. We invite you to contattact us to get more information.


How much does organising a fireworks display cost?
Setti Fireworks displays can meet a wide range of needs, budgets and requests: the important thing is to understand each other.
We organise shows for Yacht owners as well as for patronal feast committees, weddings and large events. We also organise surprise effects for anniversaries and birthdays. Large companies and large associations, private citizens as well as public authorities request our fireworks.
We arrange different fireworks displays according to different purposes. These are just a few examples of what we can offer you. For more information please contattact us.

Do-It-Yourself Fireworks

Do not to give up fireworks only because you have a limited budget. Setti Fireworks offers you a wide range of products conceived for do-it-yourself shows, in accordance with current regulations.

With these articles you can set up a real pyrotechnic display made up of multi-shot batteries: success is always guaranteed! The cost of a do-it-yourself show depends on each Customer's needs. We can therefore only provide indicative data.
Generally the cheapest options cost 15-20 €, but many purchasers may spend more than 1000 € for a rich and varied do-it-yourself show; in general most customers spend between 100 and 300 € for do-it-yourself fireworks to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. Taking into consideration the price-quality relationship, when your budget is higher than 500 € a pyrotechnic or pyromusical display designed and organised by Setti Fireworks' technicians would be a better solution.

How is a Do-It-Yourself display different from a Setti Fireworks professional performance?

We can answer this question by describing what happens in practice in the two cases:

These substantial differences are not limited to the practical aspects described above. The quality of a professional pyrotechnic display designed and set up by Setti Fireworks staff is very high. We follow up the production, and make targeted investments to realise and implement a computer-based system for managing our displays. In practice? It is not easy to put into words the feelings evoked by fireworks, so let's cite some examples.

Fireworks in Villas and Historical Buildings

Setti Firework has vast experience in fireworks displays in villas and historical buildings. We can meet our customers' needs through different options, which range from silent parades of fountains of fire to pyromusical shows designed for a close-up viewing.

Fireworks for Large Events

Setti Fireworks sets up powerful fireworks displays, visible from a distance, with large fireworks rising up in the sky for hundreds of metres. Moreover, it is possible to draw logos with fireworks.
These are just two extreme examples: silent fireworks in the privacy of a villa, and fireworks visible from several kilometres away. How about intermediate or different options? We can answer these questions, too. Setti Fireworks offers several solutions.

Types of Displays

How long can a show last?

It depends on what each customer is looking for: we can set up displays that last half an hour or just a few minutes.
The duration of a show is not closely related to its cost, because nothing is impossible in pyrotechnics: thousands of "one at a time" shots with the most economical fireworks, or quality-oriented displays with the best fireworks available, let off simultaneously to create magnificent choreographies.

Special - Fireworks for Weddings

We are now addressing to-be-weds: have you ever thought about enhancing your day with fireworks? We offer fireworks displays for weddings and private events. The wedding day is special and unique, it is a day we will never forget. Have you ever thought of a fireworks display entirely based on a white colour theme and on waterfall effects for your wedding day? Setti Fireworks already organised this kind of event. The best day of your life will become even more magical with a fireworks display. The real question is, why not? We can suggest you great ideas.
Do you want to find out more? Check out the Wedding Section.

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